Test Lead/Test Manager

Formal qualifications 
• Masters of Engineering, Computer Scientists or similar Masters degrees  
• Minimum 5-6 years of experience with relevant system development from a management consultancy, or a firm within the field of system development. Alternatively, the employee has shown proven capabilities as a Test Manager through a persistent and solid effort as Senior Test Specialist in Netcompany 
Professional qualifications  
• Profound knowledge on specific technologies and methods within modern software testing and system development 
• Substantial understanding of software testing methods and techniques from analysis to release  
• Comprehensive ability to execute test analysis and design as well as good abilities to ensure approval of test deliverables and approve test results in the client’s organisation 
• General expertise in managing projects through test analysis, test design, testing, release and overall quality control 
• Excels in preparation of tests, execution of testing and sales activities 
Managerial qualifications  
• Ability to lead sizeable projects from start to finish with a high degree of certainty and quality  
• Ability to accurately estimate tasks and issues for projects  
• Ability to generate conditions for great teamwork and to achieve this on given projects  
Personal qualifications  
• Ability to manage and motivate employees and create terms on which effort and responsibility is encouraged 
• Ability to communicate clearly to the management and employees involved on the project as well as clients regarding commercial aspects and project status 
• Ability to build relations and manage the expectations of clients  
• Ensuring personal development of him/herself and the team members 
• Contributing to the growth of the company by participating in sales activities   

United Kingdom