Senior Test Specialist

Formal skills 
• Masters of Engineering, Computer Scientists or similar Masters degrees  
• Minimum 3-4 years of external experience with software testing from a management consultancy or a firm within the field of software testing or system development. Alternatively, the employee has shown proven capabilities as a Senior Test Specialist through a persistent solid effort as Test Specialist in Netcompany. 
Professional skills  
• Profound knowledge about software testing, testing techniques and methods within quality assurance in modern system testing and development  
• From the beginning of a project a Senior Test Specialist is holding main test competence within one or more core areas  
• Significant experience with analysing requirements and determining scope for test within development of complex business logic  
• Producing high quality test design, test deliverables and reviews 
• Ensuring execution of testing plans and bringing testing expertise to projects  
• Experience within collecting, analysing and summarising test metrics 
• Ability to outline standards and guidelines based on best practice within one’s own core areas 
Managerial skills  
• Ability to plan and organise one’s tasks and report accurately about issues and progress  
• Ability to accurately estimate tasks and issues for the team • Ability to conduct quality assurance and reviews of deliverables within one’s own core areas • Ability to guide and share knowledge with project participants within one’s own main competence on several projects simultaneously 
Personal qualifications  
• Participating actively in generating an open, professional and trusting relationship with clients, colleagues and business partners  
• Ability to communicate clearly to the management and employees involved on the project as well as clients regarding solutions and underlying rational basis within one’s own core areas   
• Ability, at one’s own initiative, to present suggestions for improvement of standards and guidelines within one’s own core areas 
• Attempting to obtain profound knowledge and documented skills through for instance certifications within one’s own core areas  
• Ability to identify areas for own personal development  

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