Test Specialist

Formal skills 
• Degree or Masters of Engineering, Computer Scientists or similar
• Experience with software testing from a management consultancy or a firm within the field of software testing or system development.  
Professional skills  
• Profound knowledge about basic understanding of software testing and ability to demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts 
• Preferably experience with analysing and designing high level test cases, test data and test deliverables 
• Ability to produce and deliver test deliverables, review test deliverables, and carry out high-quality testing. 
Managerial skills  
• Ability to plan and organise one’s tasks and report accurately about issues and progress 
• Ability to accurately estimate tasks and issues within one’s own core areas 
• Ability to deliver as agreed within the right time and quality. 
Personal qualifications  
• Participating actively in generating an open, professional and trusting relationship with clients, colleagues and business partners  
• Ability to identify areas for own personal development. 

United Kingdom