Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Sustainability & Technology

Are you ready for the next Netcompany Global Tech Talk? We are excited to invite you for this month's webinar which will be delivered by Mie Kristensen and Markus Johansen Sørem, Consultants at Netcompany Norway. This time we will connect sustainability with technology.
  • Introduction - by Ådne Eide Stavseng
    An introduction of the topic and information about Netcompany.
  • Digital Waste– by Markus Johansen Sørem
    How can IT be more sustainable? Consultant Markus Johansen Sørem was inspired after attending a seminar at Y-Oslo 2020, where Gerry McGovern held a seminar on Digital Waste. In this Tech Talk Sørem will continue this conversation. 
  • How technology can be used to promote sustainability - by Mie Kristensen 
    Nabohjelp from OBOS is an application developed by Netcompany, where Consultant Mie Kristensen is involved. The app connects neighborhoods by having a simple solution for asking for help and offering help in the neighborhood. Kristensen will talk about the application Nabohjelp as an example on how technology can be used to promote sustainability, where she will enter the topic of sharing economy.

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Markus Johansen


Markus Johansen Sørem
Senior Specialist, Netcompany


Mie Kristensen

Mie Kristensen
Consultant, Netcompany