Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Unpacking ERP

The focus of our next Netcompany Global Tech Talk is ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a business-critical system at the core of any organization that must serve the organization’s often complex business processes while being utmost reliable.

To learn more about what ERP is and why it is important, join our next Tech Talk on March 25th at 17.30. You will be taken through the presentation by our Senior Consultant, Thomas, based in Copenhagen.

The session will include: 

  • What ERP is and why it is important 
  • What the market for ERP systems looks like
  • When to implement which type of ERP system
  • How to customize an ERP system
  • Business Central as a business case and technology example
  • Business Central demo: Control Add-ins

Please note that the presentation will be in English.

For you to tune in to the virtual event, you need to sign up using the link attached no later than March 24th.

Sign up:
25th March at 17:30  |  Sign up


Thomas Tarp


Thomas Tarp
Senior Consultant, Netcompany