Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Spring Test Framework

We have a special treat for those interested in learning more about working with Spring Test Framework. After a brief recap of the testing approach in software development Szymon will deepdive in to Spring Test Framework topics and how it helps to test different layers of the system.

The presentation will consist of both unit tests and integration tests examples. In the end, Szymon will share some experience regarding the framework and talk about common mistakes and pitfalls.

Szymon Micyk currently holds the position of Master at Netcompany Poland. During his +4 years with the company, he has worked in Welfare Benefit Systems for Danish citizens. Throughout his career, he mostly worked with Case and Document Management platforms like Alfresco or Documentum and took part in the projects tailored to customer needs. He is a dedicated Java ecosystem user.

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1st March at 17:30  |


Aleksandar Petkovich


Szymon Micyk
Master, Netcompany