Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Introduction to Apache Kafka

Modern software architecture focuses more on event-first than data-first. Marek is going to explain this amazing transition and try to convince you to move to event-driven architecture today, as for many businesses, yesterday is a long time ago. 

Marek will shortly introduce the history of software architecture over the years and put Apache Kafka into context. He will then explain the Kafka basics like messages, topics or brokers. Next, he will address real business cases for event- driven architecture both for high scale distributed systems and small businesses. Finally, he will focus on future application of Kafka and deliver Kafka in Production.

Marek has 13+ experience within software development and started his professional career at the time when Facebook was starting, Android was a prototype project for BlackBerry and software development was focusing either on huge monoliths or desktop development. 
Marek has been involved in plenty of projects including massive flight planner management solutions for Sabre, Oracle Service Bus solution for BaneDK, AngularJS/.NET system for Building and Housing Registry, Apache Camel integration platform for the Danish Tax Administration and Case Management distributed system for the Danish Working Environment Authority. Marek’s portfolio contains both Java and .NET frameworks, DevOps best practices and software architecture application for distributed systems

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Marek Łobaza


Marek Łobaza
Master, Netcompany