Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Clean Code and Naming Conventions

Join our next online Global Tech Talk on ‘Clean Code and Naming Conventions’ by Maciej Jaksa, our Senior Consultant in Warsaw, on September 3rd.


Naming things is notoriously hard in software engineering. Writing clean code without proper naming is virtually impossible. We will take a look at naming and writing readable code from a practical perspective, looking at common mistakes that should be avoided, as well as specific tips on how to name common parts of software solutions (projects, intermediate tables or API methods).  We will also take a short look at Domain Driven Design and its contribution to naming good practices. The examples will mostly be .NET based, but some Java will also creep in. 

Warning! After the session you might feel a strong urge to refactor your code ;)

Maciej has worked on several large-scale projects as developer and team lead and will share some of his experiences from different perspectives. His main areas of focus are .NET, Dynamics CRM and Azure.

To join us, please sign up using the link below. You will receive a link to stream the talk on September the 2nd. 

Note that the presentation will be in English.