End-to-End Automation Testing

At the last Netcompany Global Tech Talk of 2020 two of our colleagues from our Ho Chi Minh City office will take you through ‘End-to-End Automation Testing’. At Netcompany, one of our core values is to deliver on time, every time! That is why the speed of development has to catch up and ensure quality assurance. One of the ways to keep the team moving fast without any damages is End-to-End (E2E) testing.

Having a full test suite with E2E tests, allows us to move quickly. It also allows developers to push code without worrying about breaking things. This enables releases with extra confidence and catches errors that are missed during manual regression testing.

You will be taken through the presentation by our Manager, Hao Bui, and our Senior Test Specialist, Xuyen Tran, both based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

They will share with you:

  • Why End-to-End testing is important
  • End-to-End automation strategy
  • Hands-on experience with applying End-to-End testing in an enterprise project
  • Best practices with End-to-End testing
  • And a Live demo of how to build a good End-to-End testing

Please note that the presentation will be in English. 

For you to tune in to the virtual event, you need to sign up using this link: Sign up

You will receive the streaming link shortly before the event. 

We look forward to virtually hanging out and sharing knowledge!