Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why bother build a platform from scratch, when you can customize and build upon Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics is a product to help improving an organization’s relationship with the customer and generate more sales, with a highly customizable UI and extendible inbuild feature in JS and C#.

In Netcompany we have taken, what was intended for performing marketing, sales and service operation, and applied it in a lot of other ways. This tech talk will give you an insight into how Dynamics CRM (Customer relation management) works, when Netcompanys Senior Developer, Mike, and Consultant, Daniel, will take you through the presentation.

They will elaborate why it makes sense to use Dynamics instead of building a product from scratch. The presentation will be based on a scenario where the system is used to set up a registry solution, supporting case handling, and handling huge amounts of data.

Note that the presentation will be in English.

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