Digital web- and self-service solutions

Increase the information and service standards of your target groups across digital touch points with services that create focus points and relevant customer experience.

With a strong focus on creating excellent customer experiences, we will help convert your visitors into clients and your clients into loyal advocates who will speak well of your company or organisation and its services.

We are behind several of the most acclaimed and used digital web- and self-service solutions on the market for private and public companies. Common to the solutions is a focus on having the customer or citizen at the centre and creating simple, intuitive interfaces for them. We also supply a strong technical foundation, ensuring close integration with your current system portfolio and a focus on process so your organisation is ready to get the most out of its digital potential.
Examples of how we can assist you:

  • Advice and pre-analysis
  • Choice of platform and integration with your current IT-portfolio
  • Establishment of web presence and self-service platform
  • Online marketing for a personalised dialogue with customers.  
  • Data collection and presentation of analysis for ongoing improvements in results. 

We work on several technical platforms and can therefore advise you of the platforms best suited to achieve your goals. For digital customer portals, we can offer solutions built on many platforms. Examples include Sitecore, Episerver, Adobe, SharePoint, Drupal and Umbraco.

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Thomas Cordth

Partner, Private sector