Data and insight

Netcompany has helped several international companies by implementing successful and value-adding information solutions, with a focus on creating overview and insight into the data of the organisation. We utilise an agile approach that helps companies create results quickly, with minimal risk. We help both large and small companies and work across industries with in-depth business and process knowledge.

At Netcompany, we feel that data and information should be managed as a strategic asset. 

Everyone talks about how more and more data is available internally, at a given company, as well as externally. When analysed correctly, this data can be extremely useful and spark innovation, highlighting where new products or services could be useful, or revealing underperforming areas that should be addressed. This, however, requires that you can identify the relevant data, extract the data from the various systems, integrate the data for interdisciplinary studies, and finally present the data, so it “speaks” to the user. 

Throughout the years, Netcompany has delivered many value-adding data-driven solutions across industries. We use an agile approach that aims to tangibly drive action in the business rather than provide theoretical IT-architectures. We believe gold is buried in the data that our clients use every day, and this gold can be unearthed without initiating large projects, investments and attached data. 
We provide services across the entire value chain, from initial planning and strategy work, to the final implementation and commissions of these. 

At Netcompany, we provide data and information-driven solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW), Big Data, Predictive analytics and Data Mining, Master Data Management (MDM), Performance Management, Data Quality and integration. 

Netcompany is independent of technology suppliers, but follows the clients’ preference for technology when it comes to big data solutions. With that said, Netcompany is a leading supplier of BI-self service solutions based on Microsoft platforms.

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Thomas Cordth

Partner, Private sector