CRM and marketing

Today’s most successful companies focus their digital strategy and organization around the customers. We will help with the transformation and maximise the value of customer portfolios throughout the process. This is achieved through good advice and innovative CRM-implementations on the two leading global platforms – Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

Netcompany has helped some of the largest private and public companies with CRM-implementations that optimise workflow and create unique business advantages. We are with the client right from the start in the analysis-phase for local and global rollout in the organization. We continually focus on making sure the solution is both a strong decision-support tool for management as well as the employees' preferred tool in daily life.  

The focus on increasing the business benefits by systematising and maximising has remained a high priority through the years, which is today combined with the awareness that the solutions, more than previously, must embrace the users’ pragmatic needs and the realities of changing business. This is to ensure the systems are used consistently, and meet, at the same time, stringent requirements that the projects will fulfill the business advantages within a short time. That is why we at Netcompany work with the two global leading CRM-platforms - Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

Both platforms have a large business flexibility and the ability to preserve previous investments in other systems in the company through flexible integration. To us, the technical platform is not the deciding factor, but, rather, a tool for ensuring the overall success in the implementation and deployment of the total customer strategy.

Examples on areas we can assist with:

  • Advisory, feasibility studies on the choice of CRM-platforms.
  • Churn analysis / churn prediction.
  • Implementation of CRM with integration to other business systems.
  • Sales service / Field service.
  • Marketing and the implementation of loyalty programs.
  • Implementation of integrated marketing solutions for personal dialogue with customers.
  • Operational reporting and management information.
  • Organisation roll / Utility data clean up and conversion.
  • Education
  • Process optimising

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Nikolai Nimann Nielsen