Issuance of Certificates and Licences

It is the public sector’s responsibility to issue a number of certificates and licences to citizens and businesses. The process of issuing these is becoming increasingly digitised and the majority of physical certificates and documents have now been replaced by digital versions. Netcompany has been responsible for much of this digitisation.

Netcompany has considerable experience in delivering secure solutions where citizens, businesses and authorities can trust the accuracy and validity of the issued certificates and licences. 

Most authorities have made the decision to only issue digital – typically app-based – certificates which makes it easier to protect against counterfeiting. However, if physical documentation is still necessary, then we also have a solution setup that can handle this type of issuance and the logistics of dispatching these physical documents.

Netcompany Govtech Framework

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Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components within the domain of issuance of certificates and licences that we can deliver and adapt to create new innovative solutions.

We build these based on open and flexible technology - giving you full ownership of the final solution. Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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