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Lawful, accurate and timely case management is a cornerstone of public administration and to achieve this, digitisation, automation and self-service play an increasing role. At Netcompany, we know that each organisation has specific needs. This is why we work closely with your staff and users in the development of your platform, and also why we ensure that it is secure and intuitive to use in order to free up precious time for your core tasks.

Municipalities and organisations organise and run their case management systems differently. Each body has a variety of needs and requirements for digital case handling, administration, communication and self-service. Netcompany’s digital platform for case management systems – Modulus Case – has therefore been developed, designed and quality-assured through close collaboration with competent professionals and users to ensure that these needs and requirements are met. The platform is also secure, modern and intuitive to use in order to free up precious time for core tasks.

The most flexible case management platform built - adaptable to all business domains

Netcompany has created Modulus Case based on our unique experience with and knowledge of systems-supported public case management. Through this, we have gained a complete overview across disciplines, organisations, legislation and systems – creating a platform that is valuable and easy to use, whether you are a caseworker, administrator or manager.  

Modulus Case is closely integrated with public infrastructure and frameworks, and prioritises secure case management and future-proof technology that make it easy to maintain and develop new integrations.  

Our digital case management platform helps revolutionise communication in the public sector where citizens expect a high level of digital service. It is vital that citizens are able to manage their own cases in an intuitive, modern and secure self-service solution. Similarly, case workers must be supported in their case management so that they are able to make correct and lawful decisions.

As a manager of a case management team, you likely experience a constantly increasing need for digital support of management information, such as for financial and resource decisions. Modulus Case has been built with a strong focus on the intelligent use of data, so that you are guided in your decision-making process for task distribution, workload, case follow-up, compliance with deadlines and so forth. 

Through Modulus Case, we help you to free up precious time for your most important tasks and allow you to concentrate on helping your citizens. The platform is your key to accurate, legal and timely case management.  

Netcompany Govtech Framework

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Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components within case management that we can deliver and adapt to create new innovative solutions.

We build these based on open and flexible technology - giving you full ownership of the final solution. Using the tried and tested solutions within the Govtech Framework, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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