Climate & Energy

The UN has set a number of ambitious climate targets; achieving them requires swift action and local effort. In response, Denmark has adopted a legally-binding Climate Act, with a target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 70% by 2030. Netcompany has a targeted strategy to support these goals, through the development of new digital solutions that increase energy efficiency while incentivising businesses and citizens to lower their energy consumption.

Powerful data utilisation

Modern, powerful IT solutions are key in the effort to become more sustainable and meet both national and international climate targets. By partnering with Netcompany, you will get unique access to energy-saving innovations, plus insights surrounding the data and legislation that defines the climate and energy sector. 

For example, we have a comprehensive understanding of the existing systems and data currently used in the area, and how they can be utilised to create value within new solutions. We have delivered authoritative    registers, administrative case management solutions, self-service solutions, and much more.  

Netcompany has developed specialist skills within central registry data, and we are experts at utilising tools such as AI to maximise data utilisation for energy efficiency purposes.  

User-centric registers

Netcompany will work in close collaboration with your professional and technical staff when building your  digital platform. This is the best way to make sure they understand how to support and manage these systems going forward. We recognise that the most time-consuming tasks are the manual ones. We therefore focus heavily on automation and decision support in the solutions we develop.

Optimising waste management

Netcompany has been working with the digitisation of waste management for a number of years. We have developed solutions that are used by some of the largest municipalities in Denmark, improving all aspects of the waste management process, from contract management, to collection and settlement of accounts.

Netcompany Govtech Framework

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Netcompany’s Govtech Framework provides several examples of solutions and components that we can deliver and adapt to the critical functions of a climate and energy authority. We build these based on open and flexible technology, so you have full ownership of the final solution. Using the tried and tested solutions within Netcompany’s Govtech Framework, you get your projects off the ground more quickly and enjoy speedier time-to-market.

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