Data & Insights

Your company’s IT systems are a rich source of data. By using this data correctly, you can gain greater insights, allowing you to make more qualified decisions and explore innovative business opportunities that can set you apart from your competitors.

Data-driven, intelligent businesses no longer solely reside in Silicon Valley. The fact that data is valuable is now common knowledge and most companies are therefore already in the process of utilising their data as much as possible. However, it is no simple task to utilise data in a way that significantly impacts your company. This requires a combination of classic IT skills, data/statistical modelling abilities, and experience in impacting relevant workflows. Success is achieved by creating relevant data solutions that are technically reliable and provide high quality data.    

Netcompany takes an in-depth look at your business processes and IT systems. We work together to move your business organisationally and technologically to a place where data is part of your company’s DNA. The secret is that it takes more than just collecting, analysing and presenting data to call yourself a data-driven business. The real value arises when you act on the data at the right time and in the right context.

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Data warehouses & Data lakes

Getting the most value out of your data is only possible when you can target your various data users based on their individual circumstances. Not everyone needs a dashboard – some need raw data. Not all data sources should be modelled the same way and not all business needs are met in the same way either. 

Having years of experience in building classic data warehouses, we know how valuable this model can be. And we are also aware of its limitations. If you are looking for someone to squeeze your data into a ready-made box that is already locked into an architecture and design, then Netcompany is not the partner for you. We know when Kimball makes sense and when batch loading is better than real time. We know which technologies go together and how and when cloud is the best option, but we won’t know what suits your company best until we have analysed your needs, together. 

BI & Analytics

Business Intelligence can be found to some degree in almost all businesses. Netcompany has built a variety of complex and dynamic reports and dashboards full of modern features, such as numerical/computationally heavy benchmarking for banking activities or dynamic, visual world maps that show the maintenance needs of hardware installations. The most challenging element when creating these reports and dashboards is neither the visual nor the backend aspects, even if the backend is often more demanding. Instead, the hardest part is to impact the business at the exact point where the need for data lies, where a certain piece of information can make all the difference in the decision-making process. 

We know that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where and how data can help your company, which is where we come in. Netcompany’s greatest strength is in our ability to quickly understand your company’s informational needs and to help you to understand the opportunities that data presents. 

Data Governance

There is an abundance of data in the world. This puts pressure on data governance. An often overlooked fact is that data is only valuable when you can count on it and unreliable data can create a level of mistrust that can end up being your system’s downfall.

Over the years, Netcompany has worked with particularly compliance-heavy businesses where there is minimal tolerance for error, such as within banking, pharmaceuticals and tax authorities. We have developed a unique method to secure quality of data, transparency and relevance without compromising the speed of development.    

Artificial Intelligence

AI is hugely prevalent within the IT sphere and is easier than it may seem to get started with. Even so, examples of successful projects can be hard to find. Pilot projects are notoriously challenging to get off the ground, and when they do, they rarely produce satisfactory results.  

Netcompany has, on numerous occasions, proven that we understand AI. We have examples from several industries of innovative ways to utilise AI. With our approach, solutions are implemented as an integrated part of the business but we are also able to notice early on if there is insufficient data. Thus, neither time nor money is wasted on worthless algorithms. 

Internet-of-Things (IoT)

In the same way that IT systems generate data, data can also be collected by sensors and other small data-collecting units. Doing this requires considerable IT dexterity and technological knowledge. The process can often feel overwhelming, but with Netcompany’s experience on other large IoT projects, we are able to advise on the right process and also help provide the necessary skills for implementation.

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Christian Morten Prip