Core Applications & Integration

Are you getting maximum value from your IT investments? Netcompany delivers core applications, application development and system integrations that build upon our extensive industry insight, strong technical expertise and the market’s best delivery method. Together, we will help you become even more competitive, cost-effective and ready for digital transformation.

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Core systems

We consider core systems the IT engine room of your business. This engine must be greased, maintained and tuned in order for the business to run securely and steadily with high performance and low running costs. We then build solutions on top of and around the core systems to ensure agility, productivity and innovation.

You can benefit greatly from building your core applications within a microservice architecture with modular and independent components. This approach allows you to choose technology on an ongoing basis based on best-of-breed or best-of-need, meaning you are purchasing just the right amount of standard software for your needs. Building a microservice architecture can be a challenging process and it requires extensive experience and considerable technical insight. The key is to understand the current, and perhaps ageing, systems so well that new components can be built bit by bit using an effective and risk-minimising roadmap. Netcompany is ready to help you with this process — working in close collaboration.

Application development

Netcompany can help you with all types of application development, whether it is based on standard software, low-code platforms or specially tailored software. We take an agnostic approach to technology and can deliver on all major platforms and technologies — we always focus on what serves your company best, both in the short and long term. 

Project cycles are executed through close collaboration between you and the Netcompany team. Our team will encourage - and challenge - you to think innovatively and find the most effective solutions. We use an agile project management approach but are always in control of the overall scope, progress and deadlines. 

We are strong proponents of close collaboration and we will often be working from your offices during the project. Our offices in Denmark, Norway, the UK, Poland, the Netherlands and Vietnam allow us to offer an attractive mix of on-site and off-site staff. 

Modern technology is in our DNA and we develop on all the leading platforms: Java, Microsoft and various Open Source frameworks.

System integration and API management

IoT, digital channels, e-commerce, customers, external partners, core applications, microservices, cloud, on-premise and legacy. Your company has many different interfaces, platforms and IT systems that must work together if your processes — customer-facing as well as internal — are to be automated and streamlined. The need for system integration is therefore more pressing than ever before.  

Netcompany can help you tie it all together. Our integration experts design, develop and integrate your processes and applications, focusing on what matches your business needs best - now and as they change in the future.  

We also make it possible for you to open your services to the world - making them accessible to customers, distributors, producers and partners alike, so that your processes can be run efficiently and at low cost.

We are experienced in all integration protocols, which ensures access to data and business logic, no matter where it resides. We help you tie it all together via modern technologies that ensure performance, scalability, robustness and security.

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