Modern Workplace

Netcompany can design and implement the Next Generation Workplace for your organisation — enabling and empowering your staff, providing efficiency and flexibility, and maintaining the required levels of functionality, security and compliance.

The events of recent years have resulted in a major paradigm shift in the way we all work day-to-day. This has fundamentally changed the workplace environment and capabilities that you and your workforce require. Organisations need flexible, multi-device and multi-location capability — allowing their teams to work effectively and collaborate from both the home and the office, in a secure and compliant manner.

Netcompany can design and implement the Next Generation Workplace for your organisation to enable and empower your staff while supporting this new way of working. 

End User Computing

An organisation’s End User Computing (EUC) capabilities are rarely designed to support the majority of the workforce being remote while still providing access to corporate data and collaboration tools. As a result, many organisations experience significant issues due to the limitations within their core capabilities.

Netcompany provides a discovery and overall health check of your current configuration to identify areas for improvement — how better could your EUC enable the flexible, hybrid model that has become the new normal in terms of working patterns for your workforce? The outputs of this health check will provide quick tactical fixes, coupled with longer term strategic roadmap options, aligned to your business needs.


Modern Workplace solutions

Netcompany designs and implements Modern Workplace solutions based upon industry best practice and pragmatic experience to deliver the true flexible workplace environment for organisations. Ensuring a secure and compliant environment — balanced with remote working habits and flexible locations — is key to delivering the best experience for your workforce. Functionality should not be limited based on where you are located, and Netcompany can deliver your next generation workplace to suit your business needs.

Using our blueprints and accelerators, our Next Generation workplace leverages the right blend of key technologies including Windows 10, Microsoft 365 and modern Endpoint Management to support the flexible nature of business requirements in the modern day.

Once implemented, a Modern Workplace needs to be managed and maintained to ensure it remains compliant and supportive of the business. To assist, Netcompany provides Managed Services across the Modern Workplace technology landscape to support in the day- to- day operational management of your EUC estate. Our teams provide a wide range of services from complete outsourcing of your technology landscape through to augmenting your existing internal teams, providing the deeper level of expertise where required and freeing up your teams to focus on other core business areas.


Case and document management (ECM) - GetOrganized

For document management, Netcompany has developed GetOrganized, an award-winning ECM platform designed for personal and organisational productivity. GetOrganized supports basic and complex ECM requirements as well as a wide variety of case types. The platform contains an open API which allows it to be integrated with a number of different registers and systems. It also supports full integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook for document and email management.

For more complex and process-driven case management, Netcompany has developed the standard platform ‘Modulus Case’, which is being adopted by an increasing number of large private and public sector organisations. The solution raises the bar for flexibility and user-friendliness; it can be configured to suit your business needs and even the needs of individual employees. Modulus Case contains a toolbox of functions and features that have been designed to simplify your workflows and business processes, while freeing up resources too. 

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