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The world is changing rapidly and becoming more digitised than ever and, as such, digital has become the go-to channel for professionals and customers to consume content and services. Today’s winners within Life Science are therefore not only those who deliver great products, but also those who are able to deliver engaging digital services with impact and value for their customers and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The Life Science industry in particular faces enormous challenges in responding to this disruption, as companies are equally bound by the need to follow strict regulations and compliance considerations. 

Netcompany has built profound domain knowledge and partnered up with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical enterprises to engage healthcare professionals, as well as patients, with digital platforms. These platforms follow the latest standards for data-conformity while offering accessible and excellent user experiences to allow for knowledge sharing, education, and disease awareness for a new generation of digital-native users. 

From smart data solutions that provide real-time analytics and personalised user journeys to research management tools and supply chain platforms, Netcompany has an ever growing set of proven solutions that can help you move your digital transformation forward and focus on what you do best: fighting diseases and providing treatments for patients around the globe.

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Customer portals

As a global Pharma or Life Science enterprise, you need to reach your customers all around the world. For you to deliver your key values most efficiently, we help build platforms that provide a custom user experience across all devices, matching local expectations and legal requirements. We help you enable efficient global content delivery management based on full-stack, enterprise CMS solutions — allowing for modern, easy-to-use visual experiences. Better still, you have the flexibility to include your Marketing, Medical Education, Legal or R&D departments, creating a 360° experience for your customers.

One-stop-shop HCP Portals

Education is key. This is especially true for healthcare professionals (HCPs) who need to be on top of medical advancements through continuous learning. With an educational offer that brings value to those HCPs, you create a pull effect that will make them excited to return to your virtual estate. In close cooperation with our customers, we create educational platforms that combine online and offline seminars, research resources and educational material with custom access management. Existing platforms, e.g. for event management or content streaming, are seamlessly integrated to create an experience for the HCPs that motivates them to engage with your brand and products.

Additional offers for patient support or product information work based on the same technological foundation can help you tackle brand awareness from multiple angles through personalised offers based on the users’ preferences and online interactions. We ensure that content access and user management follows local regulations and GDPR for each market to ensure legal conformity and a compelling user journey.

Data-driven Analytics and Customer Engagement

Data and tracking is key to stay on top of your customers’ current and future needs. Your solutions should be built around metrics and data as this will enable you to drive agile experiments and to provide multi-channel business areas with vital insights in customer behaviour and needs. These insights will support business decisions throughout the organisation and across channels, ensuring that you focus your resources in the best way.

By utilising analytics data you will ensure that customer engagement is always optimised and you can react to trends fast and even automatically. Whether this is targeting a new product launch at the right segments of users or personalising content based on interests and browsing behaviour so that relevant educational events are highlighted, your decisions will always be informed.

Data and AI solutions

Cloud-based Solutions

A modern IT landscape and flexible platforms are needed to deliver high-performing solutions to the user. Netcompany supports all aspects of this, including implementation, roll-out and operation of state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions that will help you adapt and grow your digital capabilities. This ensures business agility and technical reliability, along with cost efficient utilisation of your internal resources.

Research and Scientific Exchange

Your research is the core of your success — and more and more pharma enterprises understand the value of sharing research efforts. Besides research papers and publications, this includes the exchange of compounds and molecules that represent the results of year-long research. Sharing these physical items requires additional logistics and resources in your team. 

To reduce the overhead created by those efforts, we have built a system that supports the ordering process and stock management. Integrating this system with the existing supply chain infrastructure and digitising approval and verification processes allow for a large-scale reduction of turn-around time. The time you previously lost with analogue approval processes and manual stock management can now be used for what matters: your research.

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