Supporting a modern and futureproof Data Distribution Platform for Denmark

For the coming six years, Netcompany will be supporting the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure in operating and modernising the Data Distribution Platform – a key infrastructure for advancing digitisation of the Danish public sector.

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure (SDFI) is responsible for the Data Distribution Platform. The platform provides Danish public authorities and companies a single point of access to data from many Danish data registers via more than 300 services. As such, the platform ensures that authorities and companies have a stable and common data foundation, which is essential for solving many critical tasks across both the private and public sector. 

To continue delivering high quality data now and in the future, SDFI and Netcompany will work closely together on operating and modernising the platform for the coming six years. 

“We are proud that SDFI has entrusted us with this critical task. The Data Distribution Platform is at the heart of the Basic Data Programme. It is one of the areas which has contributed to bringing Denmark up the digitisation rankings. For Denmark to continue this positive development, it is crucial to keep improving and modernising this platform". Says Kim Clausen, Partner in Netcompany.

The first task is to move the data from the existing supplier. When this is completed, focus will be on the extensive modernisation of the platform which includes significant improvements to the architecture. With the modernisation in place, the platform will provide a higher level of flexibility in the ways register data can be accessed and used, providing data consumers with even more choices and value, which can support the Danish society across multiple areas.

We look forward to the partnership with SDFI. 

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