Netcompany to deliver Danish corona passport app

The Danish Agency for Digitisation and the Danish Health Data Authority have chosen Netcompany as vendor for the development of the Danish corona passport app, which will contribute to the reopening of society in Denmark.

“We are proud that the authorities have entrusted us with this critical task. The digital corona passport will be a vital tool in accelerating the return to a more normal everyday life in Denmark where we can cross borders more easily and reopen society, based on testing, vaccination and immunity. Netcompany has significant experience in developing society-critical digital solutions on time, and we will commit ourselves fully to deliver this solution that so many Danes are waiting for,” says André Rogaczewski, CEO Netcompany

The solution, which is expected to be ready in May, will be secure and user-friendly, and will greatly benefit both citizens and businesses, states André Rogaczewski. 

Sadly, I think we will have to live with the corona virus for a long time still, but we need our children back in school, and we need businesses to prosper and cultural life to flourish again to the benefit of us all. During these times, the digital corona passport will be a valuable tool in fighting Covid-19,” says André Rogaczewski, while emphasizing that the app must also match all requirements set forth by the EU.

Many Danish companies depend on the ability to travel, and consequently, André Rogaczewski looks forward to the corona passport app making it easier for businesses to cross country borders again.

As a nation, we are dependent on the outside world. Businesses need to be able to meet customers and partners, while also gaining access to new markets. As humans, we have a need to go on vacation, experiencing new places and cultures. Restoring mobility and movement is essential to us all,” says André Rogaczewski.

He looks forward to working closely together with the involved authorities as well as the established advisory board that will advise on e.g. data security and the interests of the business community..

I am very pleased with the addition of a competent advisory board and look forward to a close collaboration. This will ensure that the solution is built with full consideration for the protection of user privacy as well as the interests of cultural institutions and businesses,” says André Rogaczewski.

About Netcompany

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