Netcompany launches Composable Enterprise Framework

At Netcompany, we help companies win in the market by developing IT solutions centered around business needs.

With years of experience in the private sector, Netcompany now launches the Composable Enterprise Framework, offering a unique way for private companies to get a software solution that matches their business needs completely.

Excelling in the market today – ready for rapid changes tomorrow

By using a mix of standard software and flexible Netcompany modules, companies can obtain a tailormade IT system that sets them free of vendor lock-ins and reduces their costs significantly. By using standard software for non-unique business processes and tailormade modules for business-critical processes, the Composable Enterprise Framework enables companies to excel in an ever-changing market.

Enterprises can get the solution they need to win in the market today while being prepared for rapid changes tomorrow.

The digital winners of tomorrow don’t think in terms of building solutions that will merely solve the challenges they have today. Their eyes are set on being ready for the challenges that have not yet materialised. They build for change." 
André Rogaczewski, CEO and Co-founder, Netcompany

The Composable Enterprise Framework is the private enterprise counterpart to our Govtech Framework that was introduced in 2021 and has already helped governments across Europe become more efficient to the benefit of millions of people. By introducing this new framework, Netcompany presents a unique method to getting the IT solution that is needed to stay flexible and resilient in the market.

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About Netcompany

Netcompany was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark. Today, we are an international company with more than 7400 employees working from 17 countries. We serve a wide array of customers in their digital transformation journeys in public and private sectors across Europe.

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