Netcompany launches app to mitigate COVID-19 crisis

In collaboration with Netcompany, the Danish authorities are launching new digital solutions to assist their work in ensuring a safe and controlled reopening of Denmark after the corona crisis.

As part of the government's strategy to ensure a controlled and responsible reopening of Danish society, the Danish health authorities are adopting new digital solutions that will enable them to see how the infection levels of coronavirus/COVID-19 are developing in Denmark.

In collaboration with Netcompany, the Danish authorities are now launching a new digital solution, COVIDmeter, to collect more knowledge about the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Denmark. At the same time, a new app is being developed that can be used in the government's reopening strategy.

The new digital solution COVIDmeter allows Danes to contribute to the work of the health authorities. Part of the purpose of the new COVIDmeter solution is to secure information that can assist the health authorities' work of ensuring a secure and data-based reopening of Danish society.

It is possible for Danes to register with the new COVIDmeter solution at
The Danish authorities will also launch the app 'Smitte|Stop' which will strengthen the health authorities' ongoing epidemiological tracking of the spread of infection, and thereby help support decisions concerning the gradual opening of society.

Read more about Smitte|Stop here:

Smitte stop app