Netcompany and Aiia join forces to implement open banking payments for national digital post solution

In the Autumn of 2021, Netcompany launches a new and modern digital platform called With an ambition of making it as easy and straightforward as possible to act on and manage digital mail from companies, authorities, organisations and healthcare.

The new digital post solution is being launched for all Danish citizens and companies, and will enable them to read important mails from both public and private senders. As a part of the platform it will be possible to pay bills and invoices directly through a digital post solution with open banking payments from one of Europe's leading open banking platforms, Aiia.

Europe's most experienced open banking provider, Aiia, recently acquired by Mastercard, will provide user-friendly payments solutions based on open banking to the national digital post solution developed by Netcompany. The partnership is based on a common ambition to challenge existing solutions in both digital post and payments. It will enable a hassle-free and simple method for Danish citizens to take action on their digital post, and will amongst other things allow for the option to pay all bills and invoices in one place. By adding open banking payments to the platform, will make up for countless switching between online banking and payment cards, a process most people can recognize from current digital mail solutions.

The partnership adds expertise and innovative technology to modern seamless experiences. The partnership further supports Netcompany’s focus on making digital post and dialogue easier and more intuitive by introducing a secure, and efficient platform to the convenience of citizens, companies, healthcare and public sector authorities.

The solution from Aiia is based on account-to-account payments, where users pay securely through their online bank. With the collaboration, will be at the forefront of a development within the payments sector, where open banking payments is considered to be one of the most promising payment solutions of the future.

Via account-to-account payments the user is able to pay bills with their bank using their national e-ID solution, NemID or MitID. This makes the payment process smooth and hassle free, regardless of whether you are paying bills from the dentist, physiotherapist, insurance companies, phone carrier, or energy company through

Commenting on the collaboration, André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany, said: 

“We are proud to bring an innovative payment solution to millions of citizens and businesses. We unite and innovate digital post and modern payment options on the platform. When you receive a message on, you must be able to respond to it immediately - even when a bill has to be paid.

The platform will be at the forefront with a seamless payment experience for both sender and recipient. With Aiia as payment provider, we ensure a strong, stable and future-proof solution with the user experience in focus. We hereby make it easy, safe and straightforward to pay all types of bills from a single overview in one place."

Rune Mai, CEO & Founder of Aiia, also commented on the collaboration saying: 

“We all know the situation where a bill for one reason or another has ended up lying in a system or on the kitchen table. In collaboration with, we create a new foundation for payments between Danish citizens and companies with modern payment technology and know-how, which can easily be integrated directly into the digital mail on With this collaboration, it will be both easy and smooth to be able to pay bills for the user in one place. With Aiia, we enable users of to pay the bill where it is received with their bank account."
It’s expected that Aiia will be processing millions of open banking payments through Netcompany’s new platform in the first year. The ambition and development of the partnership is to allow citizens to make different types of payments including splitting payments and subscription payments in the future. 


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Aiia is the most experienced open banking platform in Europe, with more than a decade of experience in fintech and hundreds of clients servicing both businesses and consumers with open banking empowered services.

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With, Danish citizens get a hassle-free and simple solution for responding to their digital mail - amongst other things allowing for the option to pay bills, book appointments and chat with customer service advisors - all in one place.


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