Netcompany acquires successful Dutch IT company

Netcompany have entered into a purchase agreement with the successful Dutch IT company QDelft.

With this acquisition, Netcompany takes an important step towards becoming a market leader within IT services in Northern Europe.

“I am very pleased that we, in QDelft, have found the key to the attractive Dutch IT market. They have an impressive and very competent team that, like Netcompany, have demonstrated both the will and ability to win and above all deliver quality. That culture is an important factor for us. We are now better positioned to continue growth in the Northern European market, fully in line with our ambitious growth strategy” says André Rogaczewski, CEO and co-founder, Netcompany and adds:

“QDelft is an excellent match for us. They hold a considerable commercial potential, they have a strong talent pool, and they deliver solutions of the highest quality to the type strategic customers that we address. I am convinced that QDelft can be integrated into our unique corporate culture and become a successful part of the Netcompany business.”

In 2019, QDelft has been named one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The company delivers innovative IT solutions of high quality to governmental, municipal and private customers. QDelft was founded in 1996. Of the three founders, two are still active in the company.

Managing Director at QDelft, Sander Kluin says:

“We have been following Netcompany’s fantastic growth journey and we are impressed by the company’s ability to deliver large, complex and society-critical IT solutions in top quality. I am both proud and happy that we now become part of Netcompany. Together, we can create great results in the Dutch market.”

The goal is clear. Deliver society-critical and business-critical systems combined with recruitment of more highly skilled employees. In time, the growth in the Dutch business should be lifted to the same level as Netcompany has delivered in many years. Concurrently, the ambition is to increase profitability.

The targets must be met through increased sales of existing services, knowledge sharing and sales synergies from existing case study references in Denmark, Norway and UK and the integration of Netcompany’s business model in the Netherlands.

Netcompany is already experiencing a positive development of the company’s international expansion with the integration and set-up of Netcompany Norway and Netcompany UK - both developing successfully and according to expectations.

“We have already shown that we are capable of successfully integrating our acquisitions into the Netcompany model and win new market shares in new markets. Therefore, I am fully convinced that we will generate strong results and success in the Netherlands”, underlines André Rogaczewski.



  • Founded in 1996.
  • QDelft placed in the top 250 amongst the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands in 2019.
  • Leading Dutch IT development- and consultancy company with more than 100 employees.
  • Through the years, QDelft has attained a strong customer portfolio with long-term relationships.
  • Customers include the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, The association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), Municipality of The Hague, ProRail, The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).


  • Netcompany was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company delivers business-critical IT solutions that help customers achieve significant digital business benefits.
  • Number of employees: +2,000.
  • Netcompany is committed to delivering high quality solutions on time and at the agreed budget.
  • For customer references:

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