Netcompany launches Digital Dogma together with three of Denmark's largest companies

With Netcompany as the principal organiser, Danske Bank, TDC and Copenhagen Aiports have teamed up in an effort to help remedy the increasing lack of qualified IT labour force in Denmark. The initiative is called Digital Dogme (”Digital Dogma”). The founding companies alone commit themselves to upskill and create at least 500 new IT talents annually and the goal is to kickstart a new movement in the Danish business community.

Universities in Denmark are not currently able to keep up with the demand for qualified tech profiles, and the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs projects that Denmark will see a shortage of 19.000 IT specialist by 2030 at the current pace. By acknowledging the fact that the business environment is also responsible for growing a digitally qualified labour force, the Digital Dogme initiative has been created as a response to this challenge.

By signing a contract, the participating companies pledge to educate and upskill at least 500 employees in the first year – so that these employees may take on new challenges in various tech-related areas.

The companies aim to reach the target by each committing to three bearing dogmas:

  1. As dogma partner, you must define a specific target for how many employees you aim to upskill into more digital profiles.
  2. As dogma partner, you must place the selected employees on projects where learning will take place.
  3. As dogma partner, you must be willing to share experiences with other dogma companies.


From left: Thomas Woldbye, CEO Copenhagen Airports; André Rogaczewski, CEO Netcompany; Pernille Erenbjerg, CEO TDC

The initiative is driven by Netcompany, who, for many years have had positive experiences with internal IT-talent creation amongst employees without a formel IT education.

All companies are free to participate.

Interested companies may send enquiries to for more info.

About Netcompany

Netcompany was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark. Today, we are an international company with more than 7400 employees working from 17 countries. We serve a wide array of customers in their digital transformation journeys in public and private sectors across Europe.

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