Bluefin Tuna: Extending IT solutions to new realms

Digital sustainability is much more than just the digitisation of manual work processes. It is about extending digital effectiveness and creative IT solutions to new realms. In our fight against climate change, it is important that we learn to understand how the climate is changing and how it affects our natural surroundings.

As an example, Netcompany supports the Danish Technical University’s (DTU) research project on bluefin tuna, which, after more than 50 years of absence, has suddenly and without any obvious cause returned to Danish waters. This has led to a number of questions, such as why it has returned and why it even left in the first place. To answer these questions and many more, bluefin tuna are, among others, marked with advanced digital transmitters that register and send back information to the researchers about the tuna’s surrounding environment, such as water depth, temperature, and lighting. The data is then used to track where the tuna has been, where it feeds, and where it breeds.

This is all important information to better understand the life pattern of tuna and help their safe return to Danish waters. The bluefin tuna project is just one example of how the use of technology and digital solutions may help us gather information about our surrounding environment and help us cultivate a healthy ecosystem for the animal world.

With new technologies and digital efficiency, IT solutions hold the potential to fundamentally change the way society works, redefining company business models, and help solving the climate challenges and creating a sustainable future for us all.

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