App from Netcompany helps Ukrainian refugees

Netcompany has developed an app that makes it easier for authorities and relief organisations to register their work. The system is currently assisting a Polish NGO in its important work to help thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, millions of Ukrainians have fled the country and sought asylum around Europe, including neighboring Poland. The massive influx of refugees has put pressure on both authorities and aid agencies to ensure that people who have fled their homes have access to the resources they need to get back on their feet.

The Netcompany-app is used to record the work of aid agencies to ensure that efforts are coordinated and targeted to the needs of the many refugees. The Polish NGO HumanDoc has already adopted the app, and it is now a key enabler for the organization to receive funding and continue its important work.

"When the war in Ukraine broke out, we were asked what we needed to best help Ukrainian refugees. We asked for phones and power banks, and we got them by the hundreds. Our organization has to account for everything we receive, and we had to admit that Excel simply could not keep up. That's why we're so grateful for Netcompany's help. The app has freed up a lot of time and gives us more profit to help the Ukrainian refugees," says Ursula Martyniszyn, President of HumanDoc.

Netcompany CEO André Rogaczewski recently met the volunteers and refugees at HumanDoc in Warsaw.

Olena made it through Ukraine in a Volkswagen. Out the windows she had white drapes hanging and she had posted stickers from her children’s kindergarten and school on the car hoping no one would shoot at them. In the backseat she had her two kids, who were told to hide every time they encountered soldiers. They made it - from the dungeons under the theatre of Mariupol to the Polish border, where they were picked up by Polish NGO HumanDoc. I met Olena in Warsaw. She is now working for HumanDoc helping other refugees. I knew that by building a pro bono system for registering refugees we could help NGOs like HumanDoc. But being face to face with the very same people in question just broke my heart. It is still very difficult to understand the cruelty and human suffering taking place in Ukraine today.


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