Spain is the 10th most digital country within the EU. The country’s digitalisation level is therefore only slightly above average compared to the remaining EU nations.

Despite Spain’s overall modest digitisation level, Spain is still considered as being a very interesting market from a total, addressable and core market value perspective. Given Spain’s modest overall digitisation score, it is somewhat surprisingly that Spain has the 2nd most digital public services in the EU according to DESI, with indicators showing a high level of online interaction between public authorities, citizens, and businesses. Spain’s digital public service ranking is a direct result of Spain’s well-timed implementation of a ‘digital-by-default’ strategy throughout its central public administration.

The Government’s ambition is to continue the digitisation evolvement of the public and private sector. To achieve the objectives, initiatives and a strategy plan are currently in place to improve the country’s overall digitisation level. As a key measure to the continuation of the country’s digital evolvement, Spain announced in 2019 that AI-technology would play a central part in the Government’s future digitisation plans.
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