Despite already being the 3rd most digital country in Europe, the Norwegian Government has announced that they intend to continue their effort of Norway becoming even more digital and has therefore put a digitisation plan in place for 2019-2025, with the objective of ensuring - “Simpler everyday life for the citizens and businesses when interacting with the public sector”.

The Government is hoping to achieve the following goals by 2025:

  • The public sector shall be digitalised in a transparent and trustworthy way
  • More tasks shall be performed digitally, and as seamless services
  • All citizens, businesses and voluntary organisations that have the ability to do so, shall communicate digitally with the public sector
  • The public sector shall exploit the potential of sharing and using data to create user-friendly services, and to promote value creation in the business sector
  • Local and central Government agencies shall develop their services based on a common digital ecosystem for collaboration
  • Local and central Government agencies shall realise benefits from digitalisation in a systematic manner

Collaborations between the public and private market are according to the Government a necessity to achieve the 2025 objective. Furthermore, the Government has announced that it will seek advisory from the market, to evaluate and optimise the public sectors existing digital solutions to ensure that the existing digital solutions are optimal. This gives Netcompany the opportunity to be a strategic partner for the Norwegian Government.
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Netcompany Annual Report 2021

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