The Belgian Government have since 2019 made great progress in terms of digitalising the country, so much that they have moved up two positions and are now ranked as the 8th most digital country within the EU.

The Belgian authorities, have on a federal and regional level, made clear efforts to tackle the existing digital skill gap, both in the education systems and in the labour market. The updated strategy plan has led to the digital transformation of the country now ranking higher on the political agenda, a detailed policy consisting of; strategies, action plans, initiatives, etc. combined with financial instruments have been adopted and put in place to frame and promote a wide range of digital actions.

EU and Belgian funds are currently being used for the purpose of innovation hubs in all regions of the country, providing support for digital innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the Government continues to raise awareness of digital technology to boost the digital transformation of its national and regional economy.

The Belgian private market is among the leading EU countries in terms of the market’s overall usage of digital technology solutions for businesses.

Belgium is home of the European Commission, which increases the public market sector opportunity in Belgium, due to Netcompany being able to target both the Belgian public sector and the EU Commission. Belgium is a strategically important market for Netcompany to be present in, which has become a reality with Netcompany’s recent acquisition of Intrasoft.
Netcompany Annual Report key figures for the Belgian market

Netcompany Annual Report 2021

Annual report 2021