Equity story

Netcompany is a leading pure play next generation native IT provider

This means that in the solutions and platforms we develop, maintain and operate, we:

  • Use new technologies to develop solutions and platforms
  • Are technology agnostic
  • Focus on mission critical and complex solutions with our clients
  • Have no legacy systems in our portfolio
  • Will grow organically and in-organically


Netcompany focuses on two operating models; Netcompany Core & Netcompany Expand:

Netcompany Core focuses on full implementation of the Netcompany methodology. Focus is on organic revenue growth and this part of the Group currently entails Netcompany in Denmark, Norway, UK and the Netherlands. New market entries made as greenfield entries will be part of this operating model too, like for instance the entrance into Sweden.

Netcompany Expand focuses on acquisitive growth in Europe to support Netcompany’s ambition of becoming a European market leader within IT services by 2030.

Focus will be on acquisition of well-run companies with significant presence in European countries where Netcompany is not present and that will add additional platform solutions and new customers to the Group. These companies are likely to be sizeable and the ambition is therefore to continue to run the existing business of those companies on a standalone basis and gradually implement the Netcompany Core methodologies on new businesses and projects won.

The acquisition of Intrasoft is an example of what kind of companies qualify as applicable for Netcompany Expand. The current business of Netcompany-Intrasoft will continue to be run on a standalone basis, while new projects won will be delivered based on the Netcompany Core methodologies thereby gradually transforming the business of Netcompany-Intrasoft from Expand to Core.

Netcompany Annual Report 2021

Annual report 2021