Innovative suppliers in health IT with concrete experience with health portals and quality and surveillance systems that helps to improve and ensure health-related cases in the regions.

Health care spending in the Danish welfare state is constantly growing, and this leads to regions trying to provide citizens with optimal healthcare while constantly looking at ways to streamline and further digitise the sector. 

This is to provide citizens with consistency and a more active and equal role in the health system, but also to use IT and data to achieve higher quality and optimisation of work.
As an innovative general provider of digital services to the public sector, Netcompany has a dedicated focus on health IT, and due to this increased focus, we have completed projects within:

  • Healthcare portals, where Netcompany in recent years has been selected as the supplier for maintenance and further development of the official portal for public Danish Healthcare Services, and has supplied citizen and employee portals to the country's major regions.

  • Digital healthcare IT analysis, where Netcompany supports the regions in the creation of an overview over the regions' full IT application portfolio, in order to consolidate and streamline the system landscape within the regions.
  • Quality and process systems, where Netcompany, through intuitive search systems, give the region's employees access to the region's policies and procedures within the various specialties and treatment areas.
  • Supervisory and record systems, where Netcompany is a supplier of key supervisory systems, ensuring continuous supervision of health workers and medical record systems, which through cooperation with MEDCOM gives healthcare professionals access to clinically relevant information across hospitals

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