Netcompany is a recognised supplier in Northern Europe of solutions for organisations and unemployment funds. The solutions are built on standard modules, where several modules, specially-adapted to the individual organisations, are added.

We have helped e.g. Sedex in the UK, and in Denmark, we have helped the unemployment insurance fund Krifa, The Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Cancer Society with their member sites. For Danish unemployment funds, we have made complete solutions that cover every area in the fund’s administration, as well as supporting union activities.

With the solution, you are provided with a shared platform and knowledge-sharing on the members, relations and cases. The system, which can easily be integrated into existing systems, is user friendly, easy to edit and provides the users with the ability to create a consistent dialog with members. Other advantages include:

  • Easily accessible member data collected in one place.
  • Support of recruiting and retaining members. Loyalty processes and overview.
  • Churn prediction – analytic analysation based on a neural network and artificial intelligence.
  • The solution is based on widely-used, standard software but is also flexible in terms of supporting new or changing needs.
  • The solution provides a foundation for the overview of resources used on members. 
  • Quota Payment with integration to ERP-integration to the telephone system
  • Easy to target communication with Members
  • Event and training-course administration
  • Consistent and intuitive user interface
  • Automatic workflow support
  • Fast development and implementation process


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Nikolai Nimann Nielsen