Diversity and inclusion

Netcompany recognises that a diverse and inclusive workplace is imperative for securing and maintaining competitiveness in the market and securing better problem-solving abilities and innovation.

It is also by reflecting the diversity of our clients and the population in the countries that we work in that we can better understand and meet the needs and requirements of our clients. That is also why we consider diversity and inclusion as a business opportunity and not a compliance necessity. It is our people who allow us to deliver on our purpose – to build strong, sustainable societies around the world. This requires a culture of inclusion where all employees feel sup-ported, valued, and enabled to be their best.

Diversity is found in any social identity, such as age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, political and religious belief, sexual orientation, and other attributes. It is our intention to continue to safeguard a culture where every employee, no matter their social identity, can experience the same opportunities for career development and advancement.

Netcompany’s aspiration for diversity and inclusion is anchored in three pillars: diverse talent, equal opportunities, and inclusive culture. It is these three pillars that guide how we approach and support the integration of diversity and inclusion in our core processes where relevant and possible and ensure that we increase awareness and secure focus on creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Male and female employees working together on project

Diverse talent

It is our objective to have as many skilled candidates as possible, of any social identity and with a broad array of experiences, to choose from when filling positions, including management positions. For this reason, we strive to broaden the field of candidates as much as possible, and our employment procedures are designed to give applicants, regardless of social identity, equal opportunities to apply for and obtain any position at any level. Still, we only employ the best candidates and the decisive factor, in external as well as internal recruitment processes, shall be the candidates’ qualifications.

To support equal access for everyone to vacant positions at Netcompany, we continuously focus on any barriers that may prevent underrepresented minorities from being appointed to a position, including management positions. This applies to all steps of the employment procedure, including job descriptions, job advertisements, screening of applicants and job interviews. We have targets for recruitment in order to secure diversity in our shortlists, and we follow up on these targets, measuring the gender composition throughout the recruitment process.

Attracting more women to IT both in general and in Netcompany specifically is also a key ambition in our employer branding, and we engage in a long list of initiatives to pro-mote IT among girls and young women.

Team of colleagues having fun on a project

Equal opportunities

Netcompany focuses on creating an attractive working environment which promotes equal career opportunities for all employees regardless of social identity. We believe that it is through different perspectives and experiences that we can gain the competitive advantage needed and leverage the effect of diversity for business growth. This requires a focus on equal opportunity throughout the organisation.

Through our global internal career development programme, Netcompany Academy, and our global performance and progression processes, we make sure that all employees are treated equally and are offered similar opportunities across locations.

At Netcompany, we have transparent and fair promotion processes. It is experience and qualifications that determines the salary level, and equal pay is given for equal work regardless of gender or any other unjust reason that does not reflect the true qualifications of our employees.

Inclusive positive culture

Inclusive culture

At Netcompany, we strongly believe that we create the best results when we know each other and have fun together. For this to hap-pen, you need an inclusive culture that allows all employees regardless of social identity to feel valued, involved, and accepted. Only by having such a culture can you allow for true creativity, inspiration, innovation, and growth.

Key to an inclusive culture is inclusive leaders. Leaders who show commitment to diversity and inclusion and make it a personal priority. In 2020, we decided to make inclusive leadership training an integral part of our management seminars.

You can read more about our approach in our Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

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