Development, training and education

Netcompany has an extensive development programme, including our Netcompany Academy, guaranteeing that employees are challenged and supported throughout their career at Netcompany.

Netcompany hires hundreds of new graduates each year, creating outstanding career opportunities for many young people coming straight out of school. We hire people who are committed to making a real difference and are ready for a steep learning curve right from the start. We also hire experienced professionals, taking their career to the next level with increased responsibility, new skills and leadership roles.


Netcompany Career development programme

IT people leading IT people

IT people leading IT people

At Netcompany, IT people lead IT people. This is fundamental to how we do business and work together. It is unique and creates a workplace where everyone speaks the same language, where employees get frequent and relevant feedback from managers and mentors and can learn from their peers. This also helps to create the optimal conditions for development. Because at Netcompany, development is everything. And we aim to develop the IT leaders of tomorrow.

Netcompany Mentoring program

Long-term mentoring

At Netcompany, all employees are assigned a personal mentor, ensuring a continuous and consistent development within a company, where employees often change projects and move on to new tasks with new managers.

Netcompany Academy participants

Netcompany Academy

At Netcompany, we believe that as people, we never stop learning. This is also why our extensive development programme is for everyone and tailored to meet the needs of the individual employee.

This is why all Netcompany employees are enrolled in Netcompany Academy, which supports development through mandatory seminars, certifications, and pop-up courses. The timing and content of the mandatory seminars are aligned with employees’ chosen career paths, ambitions, and progression. All seminars and training courses are designed specifically to supplement the skills and knowledge gained from the daily project and team tasks and responsibilities. All training courses are for Netcompany participants only, the content is tailored specifically to be Netcompany relevant and most courses are conducted by Netcompany professionals. This ensures that both content, cases, and discussions are of high quality and high relevance.

Netcompany Academy also allows employees to build a strong social network with colleagues across projects and countries, creating a stronger community across the organisation.