Working at Netcompany

Every day, more than 6,500 people go to work at Netcompany somewhere in the world. They are skilled, ambitious and eager to develop personally and professionally – but we are also becoming increasingly diverse, working together across cultural and geographical boundaries every day. We are constantly challenging ourselves in developing our organisation to help our employees thrive and have a sense of belonging at our offices.

Employee satisfaction

Our employees are our most important and valued resource. They are the ones that steadily take us into the future, which is why their everyday work satisfaction is also of great importance to us and something we take very seriously. As part of our efforts to remain an attractive workplace with a positive employee morale, we conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey tracking our results in the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which is assessed on a scale from -100 to +100. The eNPS for Netcompany is +34 in 2021. Benchmark data from Bain & Co. shows that an eNPS above +20 is high. In times of rapid growth for us as a company, as well as challenges caused by the global pandemic, we are proud to keep a high employee satisfaction score.

Employee wellbeing is extremely important for not only the individuals working with us, but also for securing delivery and business performance. So, we will continue to work on keeping a high level of employee satisfaction across markets.

Work environment

We expect all employees to uphold our zero tolerance towards any kind of discrimination, harassment or bullying. Regardless of any social identity, such as age, culture, nationality, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, political and religious belief, sexual orientation, or any other attributes. This expectation is also stated in our policy against Harassment and Sexual Harassment, which we update continuously.

In 2021, our average sickness absence rate was 3.9%, which is a slight increase compared to 2020. Our target for 2021 was 3.5% or lower. One of the factors that have impacted the sickness absence rate this year is vaccinations being rolled out – followed by one or more sick days for a lot of our younger employees, due to the side effects many experienced after being vaccinated. We continue to monitor the sickness absence rate and expect it to stabilise when vaccinations of our employees have been carried out.

Another way we are providing a healthy work environment is by offering a range of health-promoting initiatives. Our employees can join multiple sports clubs in our After Dark community. In addition, we continue to look for ways in which we can improve the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees e.g., in the UK, we partnered with Vitality Healthcare, which provides physical and mental wellbeing support for all our UK employees, including coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Working remotely during COVID-19

Working virtually and digitally was not a new concept for us when COVID-19 forced a new working reality on everyone in 2020. We have been used to remote working places and engaging through virtual meeting platforms, so when the pandemic forced us to work from home, we had an established toolbox for making it work. However, it led us to further develop our hybrid workplace model, to ensure that we retained a high quality and timely delivery across all engagements while allowing employees to work from home.

Creating a strong social community

We believe that having a strong social community supports a positive atmosphere in the workplace. It helps us maintain high employee satisfaction and creates unity across projects, teams and physical locations. To support this, our social community – Netcompany After Dark – is an integral part of our culture. The social community is for all Netcompany employees across all locations and offers them the chance to go to a large variety of events and social gatherings.

Included in the wide spectrum of offers are fitness challenges and sports teams for running, badminton, football, yoga and climbing, etc. It also offers events to people interested in games, gaming, cultural experiences, and much more. All employees are welcome at our social events.