Working at Netcompany

At Netcompany, we are skilled and ambitious. Our culture is built upon a high level of agility, a flat organisational structure and a pragmatic approach focused on delivering results. This means that at Netcompany, employees get the opportunity to work on projects that make a real difference to society.

Creating a strong social community
At Netcompany, we take responsibility for creating a strong social community and making sure that our employees have the best possible opportunities to participate. This is why Netcompany After Dark is such an integral part of Netcompany. After Dark is a community for all Netcompany employees across all locations and it offers employees the chance to go to a large variety of events and social gatherings. It is a culture and a community that we are proud of, as we believe that we perform our best when we know each other and have fun together.

Our After Dark community has a wide spectrum of offers. We have sports teams for running, badminton, football, yoga, climbing etc. We also have clubs for those interested in games, gaming, cultural experiences, and much more. We believe that social activities help us to maintain a high employee satisfaction, a low absence from sickness and create unity across projects, teams, and physical locations – and the events are able to be attended by everyone. Despite our size, we do not focus on hierarchy, and employees and managers are approachable across all levels, sharing an after-hour beer or attending After Dark events together.

Development, training and education

Netcompany has an extensive development programme, including our Netcompany Academy, guaranteeing that employees are challenged and supported throughout their career at Netcompany.

Diversity & Inclusion

Netcompany recognises that a diverse and inclusive workplace is imperative for securing and maintaining competitiveness in the market and securing better problem-solving abilities and innovation.

Careers at Netcompany

We offer you a unique learning environment and the industry’s best career development opportunities in a strong social community where IT people lead IT people.