Case: Digital Dogme

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is the importance of being able to adapt to new unforeseen circumstances by making use of digital solutions.

This requires that businesses and not least public authorities have the required digital skills and qualifications needed to think in new digital possibilities and make use of these solutions.

This is the very purpose of Digital Dogme. To enhance the digital qualifications of employees and citizens.

In 2018, Netcompany initiated the Digital Dogme movement in collaboration with three other notable Danish companies with the purpose of cultivating employees’ digital skills from within. At the same time, the idea was to make Digital Dogme a broad movement where member companies commit to upskilling employees and sharing knowledge and experiences.

The vision of Digital Dogme is to strengthen Denmark’s role as a leading digital nation and reduce the digital skills gap, thereby creating better conditions for growth and digital business development for the benefit of employees, companies, and society.

Digital Dogme acts as an education broker and creates value for members across industries through external partnerships with tech companies, industry organisations, and educational institutions.

Through tailor made networks and events, Digital Dogme members live the motto “Closing the digital skills gap” by actively creating and sharing upskilling products within four distinct competence areas: cybersecurity, world-class IT skills, digital transformation, and technology understanding and digital mindset. All created upskilling products are available for all members through Digital Dogme’s Learning Academy.