Digital Dogme: closing the digital skills gap by training the next generation

Denmark is facing an increasing lack of qualified IT labour force. Universities are unable to keep up with the demand and the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs projects a shortage of 19,000 IT specialists by 2030. We believe that businesses have a responsibility for growing a digitally qualified labour force, so we created Digital Dogme to do that.

In 2018, we created Digital Dogme in partnership with Danske Bank, TDC and Copenhagen Airport – a movement dedicated to educating and improving employees’ digital skills from within.

In recent years, responses to events like the COVID-19 pandemic have shown how digital solutions can help us overcome modern challenges. But this is only possible when businesses and public authorities possess digital skills.

Digital Dogme’ is a membership organisation of Danish corporations who encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing and develop employees’ digital skills. It acts as a digital hub where member companies can offer their employees courses that have been developed and tested by organisations across different industries and sectors. 

Digital Dogme has three ambitions:

  • To strengthen Denmark’s role as a leading digital nation;
  • To reduce the digital skills gap in the workforce; and
  • To create optimal conditions for growth, job creation and digital business development for the benefit of employees, companies and society

As of 2021, Digital Dogme has a wide array of member companies from different industrial sectors, representing a total workforce of thousands of employees. They are all offered opportunities to take part in cross-sectional training programmes, which are designed using the member companies’ own knowledge, resources and practical experiences, together with support from external partners. The learning and training materials are offered to all members through Digital Dogme’s Co-lab and Learning Academy.

We believe that improving digital skills increases productivity and enhances business output by freeing employees to perform higher value tasks. We are proud to be at the forefront of bringing digital skills to society and, through our collaboration with Digital Dogme, we aim to help close the digital qualifications gap in Denmark. Digital Dogme has become such a well-established programme and platform that the Digitisation Partnership (Digitaliseringspartnerskabet) has recommended it to the Danish government as one of the tools that can be used to reduce the digital skills gap in the workforce.

"Digital Dogme is a unique and inspiring learning environment where participants share insights and experiences with their own digital journeys. The Co-lab meetings are characterised by great openness and a desire to develop ideas together, and we often continue the dialogue with participants after the meeting has ended. It has made it possible to co-create solutions across organisations, which contributes to improving digital services in Denmark, as well as advancing digital competence within Danmarks Nationalbank.”

- Lone Mortensen, COO, Danmarks Nationalbank