Case: AaB Talent Academy

In 2020, Netcompany entered a large, three-year partnership with the Danish football club AaB’s talent department, the AaB Academy, as well as a new collaboration with Aalborg University and AaB.

The collaboration establishes a platform for developing talent in the local environment. The objective is to engage youth in sports and social activities, enabling young talents to make friends, build strong personal relations and set a personal sports goal. The academy will use individual training, mental training, and international matching.

The partnership also aims to broaden and strengthen sports and athletics in general in Aalborg Øst by working together with primary schools in the neighborhood, focusing on getting more young people interested in sports, and engaging in communities offered through sports. As part of the collaboration, Netcompany is teaming up with Aalborg University.

Together, the partners will strengthen the use of data in AaB as a performance plat-form, just as the partnership will work on strengthening innovation and entrepreneur-ship in all of Northern Jutland.