Educating society

One of the great challenges companies and societies are facing today is a lack of digital competencies. A lack that may lead to decreased innovation and a loss of growth and competitiveness. We want to share our knowledge and educate and develop more digital talent and IT leaders. 

Pushing the digital agenda forward

We engage in constant dialogue and are represented at universities, trade organisations and initiatives such as Digital Dogme, DI Digital, Teknologipagtrådet, Think Tank Europa, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, The Danish Social Investment Fund, and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. We take these engagements extremely seriously, as we want to do our part in pushing our society and future generations in a direction where IT can help solve some of the many challenges societies and businesses are facing.

Engineer the future

We are part of the Danish technological alliance “Engineer the Future”. The alliance aims to create support and understanding of the potential in engineering from the public, young people and politicians in order to ensure more jobs, growth and development in the years to come. This year, one of our employees visited a school as part of the “Book an expert” initiative, where students were able to hear more about what it is like to work in the IT industry. In 2022, we will be helping Danish schools educate students about IT.

More women in IT

We are happy to see that more and more women are choosing to study and work within the industry. This brings even more bright minds to the field and is a development we want to take responsibility for. Beginning not only in our talent acquisition team, but by participating in educational initiatives from elementary school to high school and university. In 2021, we engaged in a long list of initiatives aimed at getting more girls and women interested in IT and attracted to a job in the IT industry, not only Netcompany.

She who Innovates – US Programme in UK

An exciting project that we are proud to have been part of this year, is a pilot project with the London-based 'US Programme' called 'She Who Innovates'. Netcompany supported the conference which was conducted to inspire young women and show them the opportunities of a career in technology. The conference was hosted in our London office for 30 young women. Of the 30 who participated, 10 were offered a 6-month mentor programme.