Educating society

One of the great challenges companies and societies are facing today is a lack of digital competencies. A lack that may lead to decreased innovation and a loss of growth and competitiveness. At Netcompany, we want to share our knowledge and educate and develop more digital talent and IT leaders.
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Pushing the digital agenda forward

We engage in constant dialogue and are represented at universities, trade organisations, and initiatives such as Digital Dogme, DI Digital, Teknologipagtrådet, Think Tank Europa, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, The Danish Social Investment Fund, and the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. We do this to constantly push our society and future generations in a direction where IT can help solve some of the many challenges societies and businesses are facing.

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Supporting the IT talents of tomorrow

At Netcompany, we believe that future IT talents will be amongst those who will make a real difference to our societies, businesses, environment, and our future. That it is the new generation of IT masterminds who will create groundbreaking progress and innovation. Netcompany are in close collaboration with universities and supports numerous initiatives aimed at getting more young people interested in IT and technology and in sup-porting students and young people in general.

Female students

More women in IT

While IT historically has been a male-dominated field, we are happy to see that more and more women are choosing to study and work within IT. This brings even more bright minds to the field, and it is a development that we have been supporting and will continue to support.

Netcompany engages in a long list of initiatives aimed at getting more girls and women interested in IT and attracted to the IT industry. In Denmark, one of these initiatives is Girls’ Day in Science, which is a nationwide event that aims to inspire girls across Denmark to choose a path in education within science or technology. We also support the IT Camp for girls, which is a three-day event at the University of Aarhus for young women focusing on technology and design, and the ReDi School initiative, which is a non-profit initiative located in Copenhagen that offers free IT courses to women with an ethnic background that is not Danish. In 2020, we joined the Danish ICT Industry Association’s mentor programme for talented women with leadership ambitions. The programme has been established as a response to the lack of female leaders in the IT industry and aims to encourage more female employees to take on leadership responsibilities.

Other initiatives

Across our various locations, Netcompany engages in a large number of initiatives covering various areas such as supporting and hiring war veterans, raising money for cancer support, donating computers to those who are underprivileged, hiring people with autism, supporting financially and materially disadvantaged people, and more.

At Netcompany, we believe that future  IT talents  will be amongst those who will make a  real difference  to our societies, businesses, environment, and our future.


Digital Dogme

In 2018, Netcompany initiated the Digital Dogme movement in collaboration with three other notable Danish companies with the purpose of cultivating employees’ digital skills from within.


AaB Talent Academy

In 2020, Netcompany entered a large, three-year partnership with the Danish football club AaB’s talent department, the AaB Academy, as well as a new collaboration with Aalborg University and AaB.