Case: Limiting the impact of a worldwide pandemic

2020 has shown us just how important technology can be when we face challenges to our health, society, work, and overall welfare.

COVID-19 was an unforeseen crisis that has affected all of us – some more than others. It forced us all to rethink how we do business, how we engage with other people, how we, together as a community, can over-come this common challenge facing us all. At Netcompany, we felt committed to do what we could to help limit the impact of the pandemic. In Denmark, we worked together with authorities to develop COVIDmeter and the ‘Smittestop’ app – two solutions that help monitor and stop the spread of the virus. The latter has also been delivered to the Norwegian authorities.

Smittestop app

As we have kept the wheels running on our business, our need for new talent has remained as important as ever. We have continued to hire new employees at the same rate and speed as before the pandemic, contributing positively to the labour market in the countries we operate in.

To Netcompany, sustainability is about being able to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in – whether the changes are caused by political forces, climate change, or an unforeseen pandemic. We are impressed by how our employees have adapted to these new and uncharted waters while still delivering the same high-performance results and level of professionalism that has always been Netcompany’s trademark.