A diverse IT industry

For the IT industry to support the much-needed digital transition, it is fundamental that we harness the power of diverse teams and different ways of thinking.

To make innovative, impactful solutions that make a positive difference, we are continuously working to hire and develop even more bright IT people from all backgrounds and social identities. To achieve the best results with hiring, we are ongoingly adapting our talent attraction efforts to reach and embrace a wider range of qualified candidates without compromising on the professional skills of the people we hire.

With forecasts showing a general lack of qualified IT people, now is the time to act to expand the pool of candidates in the future. While this applies to people with all kinds of social identities, we have a major focus on increasing the number of women in the industry – including at Netcompany. Furthermore, to get more children and young people interested in pursuing a job in the industry, we participate in educational initiatives starting from elementary school level to high schools and universities.