Remuneration of Executive Management and employees

The objective of remuneration is to attract, motivate and retain qualified members of the Board of Directors, Executive Management and employees. Our remuneration contributes toward the strategy, long-term sustainability and creation of value.

Netcompany’s Remuneration Policy aims to set market-based salary levels for the Board of Directors and Executive Management with a clear link to creating long-term shareholder value. The remuneration considers the general workload, responsibilities and salary level for the given position in Netcompany and general market standards, and in terms of raises, the employee’s individual performance in the prior year.

Board of Directors

The remuneration for the Board of Directors is in the same range as the average remuneration of other C25 companies.

Executive Management

Compared to other C25 companies, a larger part of the remuneration to our Executive Management is variable and part of an incentive plan. This concerns both short and long-term incentive plans. The percentage of total share-based remuneration is above the average and at the higher end of C25 companies. The Executive Management’s incentive plan will include two ESG metrics by 2023 that aim to increase the share of women in the Group and to reduce the number of kilowatt-hours spent per employee.

CEO pay ratio

To ensure a transparent and meaningful insight into the CEO pay ratio at Netcompany, our reporting is based on the remuneration of the CEO compared to the Netcompany Group (as opposed to only Netcompany Group A/S as that entity only employs the Executive Management). The CEO remuneration package is composed and proposed by the Remuneration Committee and approved by the Board of Directors and is in accordance with our Remuneration Policy.