Governance risks

Risk management is a key tool when it comes to protecting the financial and reputational values of our company. It plays a critical role in everyday operations, both in relation to our services as an IT service provider and the internal management of our operations. We employ several risk reporting tools and processes, all of which help to ensure that all substantial risks are reported to the Executive Management and the Board of Directors.

Within the area of governance, one of the greatest risks relates to the compliance of our employees with current regulations and legislations. Our employees are our greatest asset, but, as human beings, we are all liable to make mistakes from time to time. To mitigate this risk, we have implemented several policies, processes and awareness programmes to make sure our employees are properly trained and know how to avoid mistakes as far as possible.

Our whistle-blower system is an integral part of our risk management system. It helps us to discover non-compliance or regulatory violations, which would otherwise not have come to the attention of the management, typically because people might fear the repercussions of reporting them. This also concerns violations that may occur with any of our suppliers or other business partners.

As a provider of digital services, we are obviously vulnerable to cybercrime. We take this risk very seriously, as it not only affects our own internal programmes and processes, but also those of our customers. Upholding the highest standards when it comes to IT security is integral to the way we run our business. When it comes to protecting Netcompany from cyber risks, we have therefore implemented several security policies and processes, just as all employees are required to undergo awareness and security training on an ongoing basis.

Netcompany is a fast-growing company and often in the public eye. We are very aware that this has an impact on our risks profile, which is why we take all precautions to avoid and mitigate any potential threats to ourselves and our customers. Risk management is a dynamic task, which must never be underestimated nor neglected. We will continue to evaluate our processes and risk management systems to identify and address any potential threats, so we continue to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.