Gender diversity at board and management level

At Netcompany, we are determined to work towards a more representative and inclusive society where female leadership and diversity is encouraged and valued. It is our ambition to nourish and safeguard a company culture where every employee may experience the same opportunities for career development and advancement.

In 2020, we updated our Diversity Policy to a Diversity & Inclusion Policy, which embraces both gender diversity and diversity in general for all levels of the organisation, including the Board of Directors and the Executive Management. It is a stated target therein, that we will keep working for upholding a culture of equality and inclusion for all. You can find the Diversity & Inclusion Policy here:
Diversity & Inclusion policy
Gender balance and diversity at board level
At Netcompany, we truly believe that diversity is key in achieving the best results in any type of business. We are therefore always seeking to fill the Board of Directors with the most qualified and diverse members so that they may complement each other to the greatest extent possible. The board members and their individual positions are chosen accordingly, based on objective criteria such as education, experience, Netcompany’s business strategy, and the overall composition of the Board of Directors.

Netcompany Group A/S fulfils the requirements for equal representation in the Board of Directors as 40% of the board members are female. Likewise, Netcompany A/S also fulfils the requirements for equal representation as one out of four of the board members are female.
Gender balance and diversity at management level
Netcompany’s career and business models are based on a vision of IT people leading IT people. For the same reason it is of high importance that the employees that are holding the managerial positions in Netcompany are the best within their field so that they can always help and guide the rest of their team to the highest standards possible. As with any other areas in life, it takes hard work and time to become the best, and in general it takes about 5+ years working for Netcompany to become manager, even more to become principal, and 12+ years to become partner.

As part of an industry that is still primarily occupied by male personnel, this naturally proposes some challenges to the rate at which women will be equally represented at management level in Netcompany due to the general lack of women within the IT industry in both current, and especially previous, generations.

Although the Netcompany career model is based solely on objective criteria, such as experience, performance, and seniority, we recognise that we need to be extra observant of the female talents within our organisation. Therefore, we continue to focus on any barriers that may prevent women from being appointed to managerial positions. This applies to all steps of employment, such as, job descriptions, job advertisements, screening of applicants and job interviews, just as we cover managerial desires and ambitions in our bi-annual employee development interviews and aim to offer a sensible work/life balance for all.

Our efforts towards gender equality and inclusion also apply to the general composition of the management. It is important to us that management is comprised of a wide range of profiles so that Netcompany may represent all sides of the societies we are working in. We believe that it is through the potency of different mindsets that we can achieve the best results. To increase focus on our female talent pool and to secure a diverse and inclusive culture, we have further updated our diversity policy and decided to make inclusive leadership training an integral part of our manager training. The training will focus on creating space for others to contribute, awareness of bias and personal blind spots, how to demonstrate an open mindset and having curiosity about others, with the purpose of giving all new managers the tools to, among others, recognise and discover potential management talents, hereunder female talents, and ensure effective collaborations throughout the organisation.

At Netcompany, we have a transparent and fair promotion process based on the same performance criteria for each employee group. We are constantly monitoring our process and adjusting it where needed, so we can ensure that all employees are assessed in a fair and consistent way. Further to this, we measure all our development and performance processes on a continuous basis and measure perception of training through surveys, impact of training (management assessments), promotion ratios etc.

New members elected to the Board of Directors

In 2020, Netcompany was pleased to announce Hege Skryseth and Åsa Riisberg as new members of the Board of Directors.