Share of women on the Board of Directors and management

We encourage gender diversity in the IT industry and want to create more balance between the genders working in the IT industry and at Netcompany.

We firmly believe that great results are achieved when people with different ways of thinking bring their ideas to the table; that new and better solutions happen when these perspectives are integrated into the processes – from the early development phases through to implementation and final execution.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The policy provides the basis for our work to create equal opportunities for all employees and is, among others, intended to increase focus on the share of female representation and other minorities in management positions. The policy applies to everyone – from our BoD and Executive Management through to all other employees and includes requirements from both hard- and soft law.

Gender balance at Board level

The BoD is composed of qualified members who have all been chosen based on their individual competencies and the way their expertise complements each other. 50 per cent of Netcompany’s BoD are women. The evaluation of qualifications is based on objective criteria such as educational background, professional experience and our business strategy. We also focus on making the composition of the Board as diverse as possible, which means that e.g., a member’s age, gender, and nationality are also taken into consideration. 

Gender balance and diversity in other managerial positions

Our business model is based on IT people leading IT people, as such the lack of women in the industry, has had a subsequent effect on the representation of women in management positions. In addition, it takes time to advance to leadership positions. While we wait, for the generation gaps to close and for more women to pursue a tech education and career within the IT industry, Netcompany will pay attention to possible biases and indirect barriers that may prevent women from going after or being appointed to managerial positions. That is why we continue to focus on all steps of employment – from job descriptions and advertisements to the screening of applicants and job interviews – to make sure that we keep working towards our goals.