Gender diversity at board and management level

For many years, we have worked to ensure more equal gender representation in the IT industry in general and in our own management positions.

When it comes to the composition of Netcompany’s management, we are thrilled to see that our efforts are beginning to pay off. In 2021, we reached our set target for female representation at management level.

We nurture diversity and consider it a competitive advantage. We firmly believe that great results are achieved when people with different ways of thinking bring their ideas to the table; that new and better solutions happen when these perspectives are integrated into the processes – from the early development phases through to implementation and final execution. It is important that diversity exist at all levels of our company, particularly at management level, so we make sure that its benefits are included in the strategic decision-making process and realised through the general management of our company.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The policy provides the basis for our work to create equal opportunities for all employees and is, among others, intended to increase focus on the share of female representation and other minorities in management positions. The policy applies to everyone – from our Board of Directors and Executive Management through to all other employees.

Gender balance and diversity at board level

Last year, we achieved our set target of having two female members of the Board of Directors (BoD) in Netcompany Group A/S. With two female members of the BoD, Netcompany Group A/S fulfils the requirements for equal representation in the BoD as 40% of the board members are women. The past year has already shown the many benefits of having a diverse management, and we are excited to see where this will take us in the future

Gender balance and diversity at management level

Our career model is crucial to maintaining the highest standards of quality and level of service. It ensures that every employee is adequately trained and experienced prior to taking on the responsibility of leading projects as well as teams of colleagues. While the Netcompany career model is based on objective criteria such as experience, performance, and seniority, we recognise that we also need to pay attention to possible biases and indirect barriers that may prevent women from going after or being appointed to managerial positions.

In 2021, we achieved our set target of 13% females in management positions. Our female talent pool continues to grow, and female representation at entry and senior level keeps ascending, which makes our expectations for the upcoming years even greater. Although the road to an even more balanced composition of management may be long, we are determined to take all the steps necessary to achieve a diverse management at Netcompany.

Activities in 2021 towards gender diversity at management level

In 2021, Netcompany Denmark implemented a new maternity and paternity scheme, which came into force 1 January 2022. The new scheme allows all employees 10 more weeks of fully paid parental leave, in addition to the paid scheme we previously offered. We believe that this initiative will not only help to attract and retain more women - it will also give our male employees the opportunity to take part in the early stages of a child’s life.