Waste management and recycling

As an IT company, we are expected to be a front runner when it comes to new digital solutions available on the market.
For the same reason, we have a high usage of IT equipment as we always need to stay on top of any new or improved functionalities to make these available to our employees so that they may programme and operate our IT solutions to the best of their abilities. To secure a responsible waste management of our IT equipment, we have implemented internal procedures to ensure that all outdated equipment is either sold, recycled, or properly disposed of. We have also established business relations with a number of environmentally sustainable business partners, such as a recycling company certified under the ISO 14001 scheme who purchases and handles all outdated equipment from our data centre locations.


Donating computers

At Netcompany, we always seek to find meaningful purposes for the use of any outdated equipment that may still be of use to others. This makes sense socially as well as environmentally.