Waste management and recycling

As an IT company we are expected to be frontrunners when it comes to new digital solutions available on the market. 
As we are required to remain on top of any new or improved functionalities, we do have a somewhat frequent change of IT equipment. This is to ensure that our employees can deliver and operate our IT solutions to the best of their abilities. To secure a responsible waste management of our IT equipment, we have implemented internal procedures to ensure that all outdated equipment is either sold, recycled, or properly disposed of. As of 2021, six entities have integrated these procedures into their business operations.

We are continuously motivating our datacentre suppliers to increase focus on sustainability and because of our close supervision of power usage, we are continuously phasing out equipment that utilises more power than newer components. We also work with several environmentally sustainable business partners, including Rossen Recycling Company, a Danish company certified under the ISO 14001 scheme that buys and disposes all our outdated equipment from our data centres. In terms of office furniture, our set-up includes either resale, donation or environmentally sustainable disposal carried out by our trusted partners, such as Danish furniture suppliers Holmriis B8, Ingvard Christensen and Daarbak.

We introduced a responsible waste sorting scheme to our offices in Denmark in 2020, and in 2021, also Netcompany Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, and UK have all successfully implemented a responsible waste sorting scheme. Netcompany Vietnam is working on a similar scheme and is expected to implement this in 2022. Overall, we consume a low amount of paper and other office supplies because we do most of our work digitally. But to reduce our impact even more, in 2021 Netcompany Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and UK switched to sustainable office supplies. And Netcompany Poland donates the plastic caps from printers to a charity organisation that helps people with disabilities.