The value of IT solutions in society

With new technologies and digital efficiency, IT solutions hold the potential to fundamentally change how society works and redefine business models.
Netcompany’s work with digital solutions has contributed to digital transformation for many years and through this, has indirectly supported the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by optimising customer systems and workflows, which in many cases has produced a positive effect on the environment. We are humbled by our ability to work on technological solutions that can continuously contribute to the fulfilment of SDGs, as well as sharing our extensive knowledge of the most advanced and modern IT solutions with our clients, to support them when they embark on their journeys in becoming more sustainable.

In addition to our digital sustainability, renewable energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we also strive to optimise our business operations in regard to better waste management and non-sustainable means of transport.

It is in the sum of all actions that greater changes may happen. So, we aim to make changes wherever possible and encourage actions wherever we can – no matter how big or small their impact may be.